The making of an icon: ‘Naim Bintulu Paragon’

In 2013 an iconic landmark was launched in the heart of Bintulu town which was set to transform its skyline with super skyscraper condominiums, stylish office towers and iconic buildings of innovative design.

To be developed in two phases and sited on a 36-acre land, Naim Bintulu Paragon has set a new buzzword in life, work and play experience, replete with residential, commercial, retail and hospitality components. It is also regarded as the largest integrated development in Sarawak currently.

A flagship development by Naim Group of Companies, Naim Bintulu Paragon was viewed by many as something ‘ahead of its time’ when it was launched.

As Naim’s Group Managing Director Datuk Hasmi Hasnan put it, Naim Bintulu Paragon was the ultimate test of ‘faith, vision, perseverance and hard work’.

“Investing in a property development of this magnitude at Bintulu way back in 2013 was something ‘unthinkable’ for most people, as we may only be able to see some return in the long run and hence, uncertain. In fact, the development cost of its basement car park alone was already some RM60 mil. In short, the potential business risk for such investment was enough to frighten even the brave.

“However, we were driven on two fronts: a desire to create a landmark development for the future NOW, and the FAITH in Sarawak’s potential and future. Armed with these, Naim Bintulu Paragon was born.”

True to its promise, Naim Bintulu Paragon is evolving to be Sarawak’s largest integrated development to date and is now home to iconic components such as Sarawak’s largest and longest Street Mall, the innovatively designed Small Office Versatile Office (SOVO), Malaysia’s first Fairfield by Marriott international hotel and the soon-to-be-completed Naim ‘The Peak’ Condominium Homes, Borneo’s tallest building.

“We worked extensively to learn from ‘success stories’ and experts regionally and globally, plan our dream and put our dream into action. Every step of the way was a challenge, and every little milestone achieved was the result of sheer hard team work and determination.

“Based on our studies, Naim Bintulu Paragon is the first to introduce the concept of Street Mall and SOVO in Sarawak, re-inventing retail experience and how businesses are done,” Hasmi said.

Another upside of the development was the lifestyle and community enrichment it brought.

“The spin-offs resulting from Naim Bintulu Paragon are many: employment creation, business opportunities and not to mention, the creation of lifestyle and business hub at Bintulu. This is our way to enrich the communities within which we operate.”

Hasmi added it was important to always keep the interest of the communities at heart.

“For instance, we plan to build some 20,000 units of affordable housing over the next 10 years on our own or in collaboration with the relevant state and federal agencies.

“In fact, since our inception more than 20 years ago, we have built more than 20,000 units of quality properties for the Sarawak community, including quality homes in the low and affordable segments.

“One of our other key community-related initiatives is the Naim Foundation Academic Excellence Awards programme for 17 secondary schools in Sarawak which is in its 4th year currently.

“This programme rewards students demonstrating good academic performance and well-rounded students overall, and also provides financial assistance to the deserving.”

Meanwhile, Naim’s Regional General Manager for Bintulu, Abang Mahathir Mohamed said some of the key challenges relating to the development were project implementation and property management.

“As the project of this size involves multi-disciplinary works, we had to deal with many parties such as subcontractors and suppliers. Hence, communication and monitoring were key and there was no room for complacency. Besides this, managing all occupants within the development towards creating the spirit of community in lifestyle, work and business was no less challenging.”

The upcoming completion of Naim ‘The Peak’ Condominium Homes, Naim Bintulu Paragon’s first residential development is an excitement in itself.

Naim ‘The Peak’ is also an award winning development, having won the ‘Merit Award’ for the ‘Borneo Star Development’ award category in the Star Property .my Awards 2019.

“Towering to the sky at 34 storeys, it is the tallest building in Borneo currently, and it’s in Bintulu! The countdown to completion begins!” Mahathir remarked.

Mahathir added Naim ‘The Peak’ received encouraging response from the community since its launch.

“Currently, we have achieved a take-up of close to 70 per cent, which included a small group of customers who purchased about 20 per cent of the total condominium units. All these demonstrated our customers’ faith in the condominium and Naim Bintulu Paragon as a whole.”

A Naim ‘The Peak’ customer, Habib Aizuddin expressed his excitement on its upcoming completion.

“My family and I look forward to the completion of the condominium – indeed it’s our dream home! Naim ‘The Peak’, together with its flexible ownership packages, make it possible for us to own our dream home.”

Meanwhile, another client named Lee who purchased a street mall unit said he bought it without hesitation.

“When I first knew about this development, I didn’t wait. This is because I have full confidence in Naim for their quality and standard. I’ve seen such developments overseas and I’m confident it will be a success story!”

Mahathir disclosed he and his team shared a sense of satisfaction and pride to be involved in the development.

“We’re happy to have added value to the Bintulu community in terms of lifestyle, business and also community enrichment. In time to come, we can look back at this with pride, that the development is the outcome of all our effort. This is a testament that Sarawak players have what it takes to be at par with regional and global players.

“This is also the Naim spirit – as long as we believe that we can, we will!”

Source: The Borneo Post, July 22, 2019