SouthLake a reflection of Miri affluence, says Lee

MIRI: With the increased level of affluence, people not only demand houses in the ‘brick and mortar’ sense, but also focus on lifestyle aspects of these houses as facilities, security and connectivity such as broadband services and so forth so the benchmark is raised, time and time again.

As such, a vibrant property sector comprising a good balance of affordable and upmarket developments would be an ideal situation.

The new SouthLake residency in Permyjaya, for example, with its upmarket concept, focuses on lifestyle aspects and availability of modern conveniences all in one place, will uplift and add value to the vibrancy Miri’s property sector.

“With more of such affluent and upmarket developments, we would be able to attract both the regional and international customers via the Sarawak/MM2H programmes.

“Hence, making Miri in particular, and Sarawak in general, an attractive destination for this target audience, will enhance injection of income into the local economy,” Assistant Minister of Communications Datuk Lee Kim Shin asserted.

Lee was speaking at the launching ceremony of Naim Land Sdn Bhd property roadshow at Permaisuri Imperial City Mall here yesterday.

The two-day event starting yesterday showcases the scaled-model of the upcoming SouthLake -a high class residential estate in Permyjaya.

Lee was overjoyed with the coming project which would boost the new township in Permyjaya.

Miri’s rapid progress has led to various successful township developments like Bandar Baru Permyjaya (BBP), regarded as the largest township in Miri which spans 3,000 acres with over 16,000 units of properties.

This has resulted in not only rural-urban migration, but the migration of workforce as well, from the region of Miri with the outcome of an increase in disposable income within the community.

“What we are seeing now is that, in addition to the increasing demand for an affordable housing, the demand for more affluent and upmarket types of properties brought about by the hike in people’s disposable income and degree of affluence within the society also increases,” Lee said.

Miri mayor Lawrence Lai and Naim senior general manager for property development, Zanry Ibrahim, were among those present to witness the occasion.

Later, Lee was shown around and briefed on the scale-model of SouthLake by Zanry.

SOURCE: Borneo Post Online (13 July 2014)