Seminar on Increased Revenue Using Structured Sales Processes

Twenty five staff members of Naim Cendera group attended a three-day seminar on Increased Revenue Using Structured Sales Processes that was held at the Brooke Chambers of Sarawak Club.

The seminar was held from July 27th to 29th and was conducted by a well known speaker and facilitator, Mr Christopher Fulton from First Choice Solutions.
Naim’s staff from Kuching and Miri offices was led by their Director of Sales, Mr Tony Lau who was accompanied by Sales Manager, Mr Gary Kho.

The program goals are namely :
1.To enable the participants to receive the necessary sales skills to handle customers effectively.
2.Understanding the sales processes.
3.Using the skills received in an effective and efficient manner.
4.Increasing their awareness on the sale processes and how to use it in every situation.
In a nutshell, what customers want are Best Service, Best Products and Best Pricing.
Among the program contents are:
1.Company Product Knowledge
2.Competitor Product Knowledge
3.Telephone Etiquette and Grooming
4.Understanding Key Buying Criteria
5.Setting Targets
6.Assigning Territories
7.The 4 Stages of Selling
8.Asking the right questions
9.Listening Skills
10.Presenting Products
11.Closing the Sales