Seminar A Help To Potential House Buyers


Seminars on buying property can be very meaningful as they can inform potential buyers of the relevant procedures involved.

“(These seminars) can be very meaningful for (the buyers), and allow them to properly informed, and understand all the financial commitments involved in buying property.”

“Before you buy any property, you must be well informed,” Naim Cendera Holdings Bhd managing director Datuk Hasmi Hasnan told the Borneo Post during Naim Cendera’s ” Home Buying Made Simple” seminar held here yesterday.

He also pointed out that the half- day seminar yesterday, which was co- sponsored by Maybank, was a major success, as the response for the seminar was beyond the company’s expectations.

“We are very happy (with the turnout), we were only expecting a certain number of people to participate, but we have exceeded our expectation today.”

“Next year we may even consider organizing a bigger event, and probably we can also collaborate with the relevant ministries, to organize such seminars,” he said.

More then 250 people packed the ballroom of a hotel here to listen to industry experts at the seminar provide useful information on the essentials of buying property.

One of the participants, Ling Chuan Kong, 33, revealed that he was thinking of buying a terrace house for investment purposes, and thought that it would be a good idea to attend the seminar first.

“I hope that this seminar will give me the information I need before I look for a suitable house to invest in, ” said Ling. His friend, Chong Kok Fui, 34, explained that he also intended to but property for investment purpose, and thought that the seminar could explain on some procedures.

“What I want most from this seminar is to learn more about bank loans as well as sales and purchase (S&P) agreements,” he said.