Naim’s Staff Attends EQ Workshop For Leadership Excellence

A two-day workshop on “EQ for Leadership Excellence” was organized for staff members of Naim Cendera group and was held at Mederka Palace Hotel & Suites from April 15 to 16.
About 20 people attended the interesting workshop conducted by facilitators, Christopher Raj and Leonard Sia from Scroll Management Sdn Bhd.

Certainly an eye opener for those who attended the enlightening workshop with a wide array of topics that include what is Emotional Intelligence (EQ), EQ at the Workplace and EQ for success.

The objective of the workshop are among others to develop leadership competencies, to harness emotional intelligence and to release creativity at workplace, to understand and practice innovative leadership, gain insight of their strengths, weaknesses and leadership styles.

The workshop which will be held more often in the near future is also aimed to develop EQ competencies such as resilient, creativity, intentionality and interpersonal connections.