NAIM Leaders Sharing Session

NAIM Leaders Sharing Session is a program which will be held tentatively every last Friday or Saturday of every month with one or two HOD to give talk as to nurture communication among employees and the company by way of imparting knowledge and experiences of each HOD.

They are to mentor,share and impart some of their personal experiences in term of achievement and advice, to have better understanding of what the company is facing and how we all can strive together to achieve excellence in whatever we do, so the newer breed of Naim Cenderian can look up to and help the organization move forward. Effective communication brings in synergy which is crucial to us now in face of the current economic situation.

The first session started on Saturday, 28th February 2009 and two of the first speakers were Mr. Ahmad bin Abu Bakar, Senior Vice President / Executive Director & Mr. Edmund Leong Chin Chiew, Vice President / Executive Director.