Naim Land fire-fighting team helps to put out forest fire

MIRI: The fire-fighting team of Naim Land Sdn Bhd Miri recently sprang into action to help put out a forest fire which started two weeks ago near an orphanage in Kuala Baram here. According to a press statement, the team, comprising of two groups with four fire-fighting members each were deployed to the site on March 10 to help put out the fire.

Due to the dry weather, an excavator was also deployed to open an earth drain to collect water for the fire-fighting attempts.

The team faced various challenges such as extreme weather condition and dry water hole.

Naim general manager (Miri operations) Michael Ting explained that Naim Miri has formed its fire-fighting team around 10 years ago as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

He disclosed that the recent forest fire near the orphanage in Kuala Baram was spotted during a routine patrol by the fire-fighting team. .

“On March 10, our team spotted the fire, which occurred not within our development site but in an area next to it. To prevent further harm, we immediately deployed more manpower to help put out the fire. .

“Eight staff members worked every day for two weeks to put out the fire. We also reported this incident to the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba), which deployed 15 personnel to assist us for two days. In addition, representatives from the Department of Environment also visited the area to get air reading,” said Michael.

He explained that Naim’s fire-fighting team conducts regular inspections and patrols not only at its development site but also at surrounding areas.

“In fact, the frequency of such patrols is increased during the dry season due to high possibility of wildfires in areas such as Kuala Baram,” he added.

SOURCE: Borneo Post Online (25 March 2014)