Naim Holds CNY Open House at Desa Murni

Hundreds of residents from Bandar Baru Permyjaya joined the merry making at the Naim Chinese New Year (CNY) open house gathering held at one of its show houses at Desa Murni in Miri yesterday.

With plenty of fun, refreshments and laughter for the visiting crowd, the annual event was held as part of the social gathering among the close knit residents and nearby neighborhood there.

Hosted by Desa Murni developer, Naim Cendera Sdn Bhd (Naim), the three-hour long event offered a good avenue for the residents and their visitors to have quality time and catching up with one another.

“This event has been some sort of tradition for the residents here and it is actually a good time for them to mingle around while doing some catching up with each other” said Naim’s Senior Executive Director, Vincent Kueh who was among present during the function.

Naim’s Director of Sales Tony Lau also expressed satisfaction on the encouraging response among the residents and also the other visiting folks from neighboring areas.

“This event will always be looked forward to by the residents here simply because it promotes goodwill and understand among themselves as well as encouraging others to look for themselves how close knit the neighborhood here” he said.

According to him, there will more similar community related events and activities to be held at Bandar Baru Permyjaya later this year where members of the public particularly the residents here are cordially invited to participate.