Naim Donates 4 Cows For Hari Raya Qurban At Kampung Bukit Berangan

In conjunction with this year Hari Raya Qurban, Tabung Amanah Naim donated 4 cows to the residents of Kampung Berangan at Muara Tuang.
The Qurban function was held at the kampung’s surau on January 10 and was led by Abang Haji Wasli Bin Abg Haji Hashim while Naim was represented by the General Manager for Naim Citra Sdn Bhd and Total Reliability Sdn Bhd, Encik Abdul Razak Marzuki.

The distribution of meat from the slaughtered cows benefited over 500 kampung folks and the event was also attended by residents from neighbouring kampungs.