NAIM Buyers-Get-Buyers (BGB) Nite 2005

It was truly a night to remember for the over 3,000 people who attended the colourful NAIM Buyers-Get-Buyers (BGB) Nite 2005 held at Miri Indoor Stadium on July 17th.
Organized specially for residents of Bandar Baru Permyjaya who have bought their homes from Naim, they were treated to a night of glamour and splendor as the 30 contestants of the international Miss Tourism Pageant 2005 strut their stuffs during the preview show.

In his welcoming speech, Ir Suyanto Osman announced that the function is being held as an appreciation to those who have participated and supported NAIM Buyers-Get-Buyers (BGB) campaign as well as in conjunction with Naim’s 10th Anniversary celebration and Miri elevation to city status.

He also said being the main sponsor for the glamorous pageant, Naim hope for the contestants to become ambassadors of goodwill who can promote Miri as a wonderful resort city on the world tourism map.

The sponsorship of the international event is also in aid of charity where certain proceed from the ticket sales are donated to the development of SJK Chung Hua Tudan school at Bandar Baru Permyjaya.

There are altogether 165 winners for the NAIM Buyers-Get-Buyers (BGB)campaign but the grand prize goes to Encik Zairustam Abdullah who walked home with a brand new Honda motorcycle 125cc.

The second prize winner was Mr Bong Hon Fun who brought home a huge Samsung refrigerator while Encik Sli Pengiran won himself a Samsung 29-inch TV after coming in third place.

The winners received their prizes from Ir Suyanto Osman who was accompanied by Naim’s Executive Director, Vincent Kueh, Dr Sharifuddin Abdul Wahab a member of Naim’s board of directors and Tony Lau, the Director of Sales.

But the limelight of the evening was the crowning of the subsidiary title of Miss Permyjaya in the Miss Tourism Pageant 2005 where Rachel Maremarete from Kenya won.