Naim Annual Staff Majlis Berbuka Puasa 2007

The grand ballroom of Crowne Plaza Riverside was abuzz with Kuching staff of Naim Cendera as they attended the annual Majlis Berbuka Puasa Naim held there on
26 September 2007.

Led by Naim’s Deputy Managing Director, Dr Sharifuddin Abdul Wahab, the function was also attended by YB Haji Hamden Haji Ahmad and Datu Haji Abdul Rashid Mohd Azis who are members from Board of Directors.

Apart from the sumptuous spread of juadah puasa cuisines local delicacies, the function also featured a Majlis Sembahyang Maghrib and Sembahyang Isyak Berjemaah for the muslim staff who also performed the Sembahyang Terawikh together.