Miri and Panyu to collaborate as smart cities

MIRI: A Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) for the collaboration of Smart Cities between Panyu and Miri was signed Monday at a leading hotel in Kuala Lumpur.
Parties involved in the MoU were the Guangzhou Panyu Economy and Trade Promotion Bureau, Miri City Council, The Institute Of Digital Guangdong and Nairn Holdings Berhad.

The MoU is for the development of Smart Intelligent Cities for Panyu in China and Miri City in Malaysia by forming a Panyu – Miri Smart Cities (PMSC).

This proposed PMSC shall be established under the joint sponsorship of the Panyu and Miri City Council, with the Chairmanship to be rotated on a yearly basis between the Panyu Mayor and the Miri Mayor.

The PMSC shall create and maintain a special information super highway link between the smart intelligent cities of Panyu and Miri with a “mirror” computer server to be hosted in each other’s cities which will enable users in both cities to enjoy community linked projects, including exchange of low-cost VoIP voice calls, special content exchanges to be stored in each others’ servers to be updated regularly as well as educational courses to teach Mandarin via the Internet.

The PMSC shall also encourage trade and investment between the two cities as well as organise tourists to visit each other’s cities.

This will enable more visitors from both cities to visit each other and increase trade facilitation and tourism between the two places.

Li Weitang, vice director of the Panyu People’s Government signed for the Guangzhou Panyu Economic and Trade Promotion Bureau, Sofia WuXuefei, assistant to the President of the Institute of Digital Guangdong signed for the Institute.

Miri City Council was represented by Miri Datuk Bandar Lawrence Lai Yew Son and Nairn by chairman Datuk Abdul Hamed Sepawi. At a dinner sponsored by Nairn to commemorate the signing, Hamed stated that Nairn, as the leading developer and contractor in Miri would do its very best to ensure the success of this collaboration.