Naim Cendera, a well known local construction and property developer in Sarawak is organizing a Feng Shui talk at MBKS auditorium hall on 26th September 2008 from 7.00pm-9.30pm. For those who are desired to acquire the scientific theory of Feng Shui for better living and wealth improvement, do not miss this opportunity.

Naim has invited a very experienced and popular Feng Shui Master , Mr.Bok to conduct the talk. Mr.Bok has over twenty year experiences working on Feng Shui research, he is also a consultant for the POPULAR FENG SHUI magazine.

Increasingly, yes, people are seeking Feng Shui advice and guidance for buying a property that suits their personal dynamics which will bring them success and good fortune.

The real estate and property development industries are increasingly taking notice of Feng Shui, partly because an increasing number of clients are requesting it, and also because the basic principles of Feng Shui make sense to many agents and developers who are seeking to successfully matching people with properties

Feng Shui recognizes our surrounding living environments as the reflection of our inner state of mind and our quality of life. It follows by choosing an environment that is balanced, aesthetic, healthy and strong so that we can enjoy these qualities within ourselves.

According to Mr.Bok”Feng Shui is the practice of analysing and influencing the interaction between people, buildings and the environment, in order to enhance the quality of life.

Pronounced”Feng Shui” in Chinese,” Feng” means wind and”Shui ” means water. These elements together with the other elements of fire,wood, metal and earth interact with each other and affect our environment. If they do so in a beneficial way then we are happy, healthy and successful in our home or business surroundings as we feel supported by our environment.

If our home or surroundings are not in harmony then it can lead to tiredness, lethargy, forgetfulness and lack of concentration, not to mention depression and illness. If we are out of step with the natural flow of energy then we may struggle.

“Feng Shui” is a scientific theory rather than superstitious. If you want to know more on how to acquire a good”Feng Shui” on accumulating extra wealth in your daily life, do not miss this great opportunity to attend this free”Feng Shui” talk.

Public are required to collect a free ticket from Naim Cendera Sales office at 2 1/2 miles, Rock Road from 15th September 2008 during office hour. Due to limited seat, tickets are given base on first come first serve basic. Maximum of 2 tickets only per person. For further enquiries please call 082-422001.