Dream to have a house answered by Naim

KUCHING: The dream of having a house finally came true for John Away, a resident of Miri, when he was selected as the recipient of Naim Group of Companies ‘Better Homes’ initiative under its corporate social responsibility project.

The project, which was launched recently, is done in collaboration with the Sarawak Welfare Department Miri that aims to build dream homes for selected less fortunate members of the community in Sarawak.

Naim’s regional general manager for Miri, Abang Mahathir Mohamed, explained that John’s case was unique due to his perseverance in trying to improve his living conditions despite his hardship.

“John has demonstrated true grit by taking proactive approaches to provide for himself and his family despite all challenges. We commend him for all he has done,” said Abang Mahatir.

John is a middle-age worker who has spent more than 10 years building a brick house for his half-paralysed wife.

John shared that every sen he has managed to save was spent on building a proper home for his family.

However, with his asthma attacks getting more frequent due to his work and age, he felt he might not be able to have the dream home he envisioned for his bedridden wife.

“I’ve been working on this project for over a decade, as it has been my dream to provide a brick home for my family. Despite not knowing how to build a house, I took the initiative to ask construction workers on how to do piling and other construction works,” said John.

“However, with my age and health catching up, I felt that the dream to have the house built was growing ever more distant.”

When John received news that Naim would help him build his dream home, he could not thank the company enough as he could finally fulfil his wishes to provide a better home for his family.

‘It truly was a prayer answered when Naim reached out to tell me that they have selected me as the recipient for this programme.

“I’m still in shock that a big company like Naim is willing to help me out. With the completion of the house, my promise to provide a better home for my family can be fulfilled and I can spend quality time with them in a more acceptable living space.”

The Naim’s ‘Better Homes’ corporate social responsibility project is part of the Group’s 25th anniversary celebration, with community engagement and enhancement being the focus of the celebration.

Source: The Borneo Post, November 29, 2019