Bintulu New Kemena Bridge To Be Completed Ahead Schedule

Bintulu – The new Batang Kemena Bridge in Bintulu that is parallel to the existing, is expected to be completed ahead of schedule.

Undertaken by the CIDB “Builder of The Year 2004” award winning Naim Cendera Sdn Bhd, the 456 meter-long bridge will be opened for public next month before the contractual deadline of 9th May 2005.

Construction works commenced on 10th January 2003 and the RM42 million bridge is the first in Sarawak to be completed using the Incremental Launching Method (ILM) which is one of the world’s highly-specialized erection method used in bridge construction.

This method consists of manufacturing the 2-lane bridge superstructure segment by segment in a prefabrication area behind one of the abutments whereby each new unit will be cast and stressed with post tensioning directly against the preceding one.

Speaking at the Media Site Visit and Project Briefing held here yesterday, Naim Cendera Holdings Berhad (Naim) Technical Advisor, Alan Teng who is accompanied by Project Manager, Kelvin Jong, said the public can actually use the bridge very soon.

“The final stage of its construction is being pursued vigorously inorder for it to be completed ahead of schedule” he said.

A subsidiary of Naim Cendera Group, Naim Cendera Sdn. Bhd is undertaking the bridge project as part of the upgrading of the existing road to the new Bintulu airport.

In Package One of the road works, the project involves upgrading of the existing road from Tanjung Kidurong to Kemena Bridge which is also well ahead of schedule and was completed in November last year also ahead of schedule.

The Package Two of the road works that involves the upgrading of the existing road from Kemena Bridge to the airport was also completed at the end of last year.

The fabrication yard is static and located behind one abutment, which results in speedy construction and assured quality as well as performance.

The superstructure comprises segments of 20m length, each completed in about 10 to 14 days with no joints since each unit is cast directly against the preceding one.