Batang Balingian Bridge

Naim Cendera Sendirian Berhad a wholly owned subsidiary company of Naim Cendera Holdings Berhad (Naim) recently has nominated ‘Package A: Construction and Completion of Proposed Bridge Over Batang Balingian and Its Approaches From CH 0+498.57 To CH 0+903.72, Mukah Division, Sarawak’ for the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Award (MCIEA) ‘Contractor Award – Grade G7 under the ‘Project value of RM 10 millions and less than RM 50 millions’.

The project team for this RM 22, 601,400-00 Batang Balingian bridge project consists of the Client, Sarawak Government under the Jabatan Kerja Raya, Sarawak as Employer’s Representative (ER) along with NCSB and their Consultants.

The consultant for the Batang Balingian bridge project is Jurutera Minsar Consult Sendirian Berhad (Minsar) for both the Civil and Structural Works.

Naim, a wholly Bumiputra owned company with an ISO 9001: 2000 accreditation was incorporated in 1993. Its principal activities are property development and infrastructure construction.

The Batang Balingian bridge is the only link between Balingian and Kuala Balingian, with Naim was appointed as the turnkey contractor with the commencement date of the project on 29th June 2005.

The Batang Balingian bridge was successfully handed over on 25th May 2007, which is over 13 months ahead of schedule with cost saving to the contract price and zero defect and numerous innovative design features.

This project achieved early completion with high quality workmanship complying with three innovative and time saving features, such as:

It is among the first in South East Asia to use environmental friendly Scrap Tire Wall construction to the bridge approaches and retention wall.

It is also among the first to employ the Insitu Stitching of the suspended T-Beams in Sarawak bridges to allow wider navigation passage for barges and the combination usage of Launching Truss and Rail Track with Lifting Arm for precision positioning of the suspended T-Beams to avoid double handing and multiple adjustment.

Naim has also attributed the success of this project due to their effective project management and good teamwork, dedication and commitment of all parties despite of the site constraints, unusual high water level at all time.

Naim has emphasized on good coordination and monitoring systems at pre-construction and during construction period. Various stages of construction programme were established to monitor the construction works, and meetings were conducted regularly between all parties involved to discuss and resolve any issues arising.

Both the Employer’s Representative and consultant also demonstrated good cooperation by contributing comments, ideas and various valuable information for the successful implementation of the project.

All necessary planning and submission to the relevant local government authorities were timely submitted and approvals were obtained for the commencement of the construction works.

Besides benefiting the residents of Balingian town, this project also served as the vital part of the Sarawak main coastal road project as it is the link between Balingian to the Northern Region of Sarawak.

With the merits of the project being completed ahead of time, cost saving and complying with innovative design features, quality design and workmanship as benchmark by the Government for their future project, Naim has nominated the project for the ‘Grade G7 – Contractor Awards’ under the ‘Project value of RM 10 millions and less than RM 50 millions’.