Naim Wins KPMG Shareholder Value Award 2004

Naim Cendera Holdings Berhad (NAIM) was recently awarded the “KPMG Shareholder Value Award 2004” for being one of top public listed companies in the construction and properties sector for creating shareholder value for investors.

Even though Naim was listed on Bursa Malaysia only in September 2003, being listed in the top 3 is all the more amazing as according to the KPMG 2004 Report, there are 1,000 public listed companies on the the Main and Second Boards of Bursa Malaysia as well as those on the Mesdaq Market.

Naim, led by its chairman Datuk Abdul Hamed Sepawi and its Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer Datuk Hasmi Hasnan, is only in its second year of listing and is one of the 148 companies listed in the construction and property sector of Bursa Malaysia.

The “KPMG Shareholder Value Award 2004” is organized by KPMG together with its media partner, The Edge and the selection of winners is based on those with the highest Economic Profit (EP) and Invested Capital (IC) values.

Datuk Hamed views the award as a recognition of Naim’s commitment towards consistently creating greater shareholders value for its investors and in line with the efforts to be well regarded in the investment community, among analysts and institutional investors.

“We aim to remain focused on achieving sustainable growth and maximizing shareholder value for all of our investors who believe in our long term commitment towards them” he said.

The award programme has five core values that are categorized into, objectivity, methodological soundness, relevancy, transparency and fairness.

The award presentation ceremony was held at Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on Thursday and was graced by Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

A dinner was also held at the Celestial Restaurant of Sheraton Imperial Hotel later the same evening where over 40 guests attended who include fund managers and business associates based in KL.

Naim Chief Financial officer, Ricky Kho welcomed the guests on behalf of the group and did a brief update and briefing to those who attended the function graced by Datuk Abdul Hamed Sepawi and Datuk Hasmi Hasnan.