Construction - Bridges

Balingian Bridge, Mukah, Sarawak

The bridge which spanned over Batang Balingian, was the only link between Balingian and Kuala Balingian. It was handed over to the Public Works Department on 25th May 2007, 13 months ahead of schedule with cost savings, zero defects and numerous innovative design features - among others, it was the first in South East Asia ...

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Kemena Bridge, Bintulu, Sarawak

Part of the aforementioned Sibu-Bintulu road package, this 456-metre bridge was only the second in Malaysia to be built using the Incremental Launching Method (ILM), whereby the bridge was actually built on lang and launched out in 20-metre stages. This process was not only one of the most dramatic and imposing sights in the entire ...

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